Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My camera arrived today! One of the main reasons I picked this one is for the ability to do this with the camera.. Oh except for the watermark.
It's called Auction mode and it saves me the trouble of having to manually crop and add pictures to one frame. I could have added up to four different ones, but I thought this was enough. The blue is slightly darker, the flash washed some of the color out. That's Jane's Dolphin I haven't quite finished along with Anne's shuttle pattern for the "Tatted Shuttle". And of course the antimacassar, I'm sure you're tired of seeing. I was also playing around with more watermarks and noticed my photo editing software had downloaded some more type styles. I like the Disney signature one. Let's see what other tatting have I done? None. While I was out running errands I somehow managed to loose the hook that was added to my Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle. Now keep in mind, this is the one my brother sat on so the hook was already wonky. Now I have one with a hook and one neutered.

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