Saturday, September 11, 2010

Options in micro tatting

I got completely distracted with ideas for the epoxy/plastic shuttles. I spent hours going over the many tatting books/printouts/magazines I have. I found candidates and such, but most of them wouldn't fit the dimensions allowed. What a shame. I decided on mixing several motifs to make a sort of collage. I tatted up Heather's Hummingbird pattern with one strand of embroidery floss. ONE STRAND! It was very difficult to accomplish. I kept breaking the thread. I went in search of my Thread Heaven to help strengthen it but had to settle for beeswax. Add Thread Heaven to the shopping list. I was thinking of adding some vines and a flower on each end of the shuttle. Cute right? I have to make whatever the final design is, in double, one for each side. One of the hummingbirds has a beak way too long, I was thinking ahead and not paying attention. I really wanted to make the end piece of The Black Magic Thread so bad. It is just a beautiful piece, but too wide to fit. *sigh* I do have to think of at least one more design, because I'm not really too sure if I'm going to like the end results on this one.
Okay, I have to buckle down and finish the fair tatting before I get too carried away with this.

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