Friday, September 17, 2010

Partial success

I would love to be able to say that I'm mad over some stupidity that happened to my tatting. But honestly so much has happened these past two days, that the tatting issue seems to be unimportant.
The Tatting Story:
I had all the individual pieces laid out more or less on how I planned to display them. Today I had to rush to stiffen them. I just used plain Elmer's Glue and painted it on with a brush. It dried clear and hard. So I start to glue down some of the Western theme into it's shadowbox and set it outside to dry faster. I didn't realize that I had applied the glue to the entire hat with the piece of shaping felt still in it. Okay, I can deal with that, it doesn't look too bad and it looks like I meant to do it. The Fantasia Fan is also laid out to dry in the sun, I come back and it's GONE! Nowhere to be found. I sewed down the cat and frog onto some felt lined Styrofoam and since I liked the way it turned out, I did the same for the necklace. Out of all my pieces only 2 didn't make it. It was the two 'official' tatting pieces. The ladies all seemed impressed by my pieces when I dropped them off, but most of the ooh and ahhs were for the necklace. I didn't finish the El Dorado and here's the reason why...

Two days ago, my son is in one of his 'hopping' moods. He jumps everywhere. Well he climbed up on a three step stool and yup, jumped right off it. He's done it before, no harm, but for whatever reason he didn't land right. He cried for all of 5 minutes then went right back to playing. That night he did complain of being tired but no pain. I put it out of my head. Yesterday I try to get that doily finished and I was making progress when my son comes running in crying and latches on to me. I could do nothing, he only wanted to be held in one position and didn't want anyone but me. Last night he was crying so bad and wouldn't go to bed unless he was in my arms.  We took him to the doctor this morning. Turns out he fractured his collarbone. Then I'm told there's nothing that can be done because of his size, it'll have to heal on it's own. Normally, they'd give you a sling or something to restrict movement. They gave us the smallest they had (still too big for him) and are setting up a follow up appointment with an Orthopedic doctor. He's so small that I can't really give him anything for pain. They said children's Tylenol. Funny thing is that it's been pulled off the market. No one is selling it here in my town. No One! I speak with the pharmacist and tell them what the pain reliever is for and they said nothing that is on the shelf will help him. He would need a doctor prescribed pain reliever but based off his size, there's nothing that he could think of that could be given. So now, I'm trying hard to stay calm and deal with my son as a permanent attachment. The unborn one doesn't like it, every time my son leans even remotely on my belly, the baby starts to kick up a storm and won't stop until I move my son. Preview to what's to come in the future. *shakes head* I feel bad for the pain my son's in, even worse that I know there isn't anything that I can do but hold him.


  1. I'm so sorry your son is in pain, but he'll get better soon. I believe there was a recall on the Tylenol but I never did find out why.

  2. Holding him in your arms is probably the best comfort for both of you in the circumstances. It is so frustrating to be unable to alleviate the sufferings of your children. My heart goes out to both of you. My heart goes out to both of you. I hope the specialist can make him more comfortable while he heals.

  3. Sounds like more than 'partial success'. You're completely and successfully a great mom!