Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Progress made yesterday on the antamasscar. Currently there are nine completed squares. I had to cut and tie in one of the corner motifs because I wasn't paying close enough attention and climbed out wrong. So now instead of going up, side, down, side, on the formation of the squares I'm climbing out at the points. Like writing a sentance left to right. At this point I was thinking of doing it 10 by 10, meaning ten squares up and ten to the side. I'll see how it measures out with a total of 100 motifs. The thread is size 30 black. Since this is a mobile post I don't have the option of going back and reading if I already listed that. One thing that I noticed is that I'm picking up stray pieces of lint here and there. They seem to magicley appear out of thin air. I'm tatting a little bit slower to catch them and pull them out before I close rings. Maybe the only reason I'm noticing them is because the thread is black and they've always been there?

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