Sunday, September 19, 2010


Now that my son is more or less back to his regular self, I can begin tatting for my Epoxy Shuttles being made. He's let go of my arms but seems to have found a new 'resting place' pressed up against my back, forcing me to sit straight up or lean foward now. I decided to go with Gutterman Thread. It's the thinnest and strongest thread I have. The sewing thread was only a slightly thinner, and it's too easy to snap. I have two colors to work with, a blue green and what they call a light mint, meaning a really pale green. The green is very pretty but I'm hesitant to work with it because I found out lighter colors tend to not show up so well after being 'set' into the shuttles. They said NO WHITE, and this is kinda pale, perhaps a bit too close to white to show up properly. I suppose I could tat up something small and wet it to see how it turns out.
Since I don't feel like looking for a ruler, I think I'm going to do one of Anne's shuttles shapes to get the sizing issue dealt with.

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