Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some fair tatting

I found two more people locally who tat. These are there entries.

The hanky edging was made with size 60 thread. I tried to do a close up of the edging and placed it in the center there. Its really hard to take photos through shiny glass with my phone camera. Mother had the regular camera taking pictures of some of the more exotic dolls made. There was a lady making bobbin lace and I stopped to speak with her. My son tried to reach out and snag some of her pins. We joked that bobbin lace wouldn't be a craft for me until he was old enough to stop grabbing at shiny pokey things. I introduced myself as a tatter and she said the other lady there showcasing her craft was a tatter. 'Other lady' was on a break so I didn't get the chance to speak with her.

In a early real-time mobile post, I complained that pretty much all the blue ribbons went to the quilters. I suppose I should elaborate. All the contest winners were quilters. In the western contest there was only five entries counting my own. You could barely even see mine compared to the size of some of the quilts and mine was the only NOT quilt entry. Funny thing is that last year the bobbin lacers dominated the entries. I wonder if it cycles? You know maybe next year it will be mostly tatting being displayed. Would be nice to think like that right? Imagine how much different tatting being entered by different tatters. I think that will be wonderful.
We spent five hours there checking out exhibitions and such. I just wished I had my camera in my hands but I let mother have her fun. Out of her three entries two got a ribbons! There was an origami collection I really wanted to take a photo of. I stayed away from the baked goods department. The smell of sugar is repulsive to me right now, and I could barely control my gag reflex today. Sorry too much info, I guess. The plant displays were very pretty and the scents very relaxing. I sat on a bench near a display that had a waterfall and just breathed in the freshness. I love the smell of fresh rain especially on dirt, and with everything around I was in heaven. We got the customary funnel cake stop (I got one but knew I wasn't gonna be able to eat it, son got ahold of it and went crazy), and I got a bunch of exotic flavored nuts. My son got some giant cinnamon sugar cookies. And I picked up a new wallet for Honey.
Now I'm ready for bed but will read up on bloggerworld before I say goodnight.

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