Monday, September 13, 2010

Todays progress

I'm exhasusted. I've been exhausted since six o'clock. Today's trip included only two store trips then three hours waiting to get a tire changed. I picked up two shadowboxs and a 12 by 12 photo frame. The larger frame was for El Dorado, but unfortunately it's not going to fit. Too small. It's going to have to be custom framed. I didn't find any Thread Heaven on this trip...oh I just remembered I was supposed to pick up two metal shuttles for someone. Oh that means another trip tomorrow.

I began playing around with how the pieces will be displayed. Here's one possiblity. I thought I had finished the mask but turns out I didn't. Another rush to finish on the to-do-list. The soccer ball had its little strings snipped today. Tomorrow I plan to stiffen it along with the frog, cat, and cowboy hat. The felt in the back is actually a burgnady red color and I was going to add some silver glitter to it. For the 'Western theme' I picked up a sheet of embossed tan felt to line that shadowbox. Now that I have more white thread I can finish the fan and keep working on the El Dorado. The Honey says I should have added a beer or something like that to it. No time for that now.

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