Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where my threads have never ventured

Now that all the fair hoopla is out of the way, I can concentrate on my two sets of motifs for my custom shuttles being made. Diane has a pair already finished, and I have to say they look so awesome go check them out!  So I began trying to modify the Green Knots or rather portions of it, but wasn't having too much luck with that. I found a lovely lavender size 70 thread and thought to find a contrasting color to go with it. In one of my um, toss it in here for now, bins I found a dark auburnish color also size 70. Turns out the auburn was a color I was already using with some verigated brown. Here's that one's progress.

I forgot to add a larger ring in the corner. While on another doctor trip for my son (where we were told yet again nothing can be done because of his size), I began again with the purples.
 If you have ever wondered if tension really matters...let me tell you it does. The two photos are pretty much in the same point in the pattern but with the second try I kept my tension much tighter and it shows in sizing. I almost forgot that corner ring again, but noticed my mistake before I got much farther than the chain. I don't know if the celtic style of tatting will look good or even if it's possible to put in one of those shuttles. But I'm willing to be the geniea pig and will be happy with it either way.Taking a break from these I began to make one of Jane's Dolphins, thinking of adding it to the other shuttle, maybe. Turns out perhaps it may not work. It's not the length that's the problem but rather the width. I can't have finless dolphins now, how else would you be able to identify them?

I'm now waiting for my camera to arrive. I was window shopping on ebay for shuttles and remembered that I needed to replace my *cough*lost*cough* camera. I found one I liked and actually won it. I also got a neat little portable printer. The printer was coming from across the country and it arrived yesterday. The camera is only 400 miles away, in the same state, and has yet to arrive. I thought it was sad how the postal service works sometimes. I have tracking numbers for both which made the situtation even sadder when you consider it all.
Oh, it's dinner time so off I go..I hate spaghetti, but everyone else in this house loves it.

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