Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yesterday was a day spent scheming, er, planning. My latest project is a bookmark pattern I found in my many pdf's laying around.
It's called Green Knots by Fodografin, and it was designed in June/July 2007. I don't have a web address to link to so I must have downloaded it directly from the designer's page. Usually when I save patterns that aren't already PDF's I convert them with the url printed at the bottom, so I always have a point of reference. In any case the text is in German (figured it out after running some text through many online translators), it's not a problem for me to figure out the gist of the pattern. Numbers are pretty universal, plus we have pictures! I did learn that Bogen means chain and well Ring is ring..lol
There was a portion where it looked like it would make a nice motif to add to those shuttles being made...but I think the pattern used would have to be flat and well this is celtic, thus raised. So I tried 'improvising' some of the design.
Here we have where I was simply trying to see how big I can go with it. I figured the sewmate shuttle is pretty much the sizing allowed. I have no idea where my tape measure went. I was enjoying the progress being made when *snap* goes my thread while I was trying to close that cluny. I was extremely disappointed when that happened.
Then I tired doing more clunys but they didn't look quite right to me. I have no idea where I was going with this, I was just going with the flow. I think I'm going to stay away from clunys right now.
My Honey took our son and left to get the shocks done on the car. So I pretty much have four hours to myself. Wonderful tatting time. I get a call that he decided to let his father do the car work (hes a retired mechanic) since Father-in-law is bored at home. More tatting time for me, no doubt the work will be done in less time, but he'll be visiting the rest of the day with them.

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