Friday, October 8, 2010

Ah, progress. Here we are with two rows done, four left to go.
I wish I could say I've been working on this a bit, but I haven't. I probably cut my tatting time down to a couple of hours at night after my son has fallen asleep. Anyone with kids can understand how much goes into them in the early years. And of course there are the Braxton Hicks contractions that I've been having recently that freaked me out when they started. As a precaution, I've been placed back on bedrest, even though they aren't much of problem, just an annoyance. For two days it rained. I just sat looking out the window watching it. Very relaxing. Now the great bright heat has returned.
I did something really dumb last night while tatting. I'm using a SewMate and one of my Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles on this doily. I want to see how many times I have to refill the shuttles to finish the project. The current record is once on the Pop-A-Bobbin, and I have a couple of yards still left on the SewMate. Well, I had the grey thread wound around two popscicle sticks because I was out of unused thread winders. I got the bright idea to wind it up in a ball to have a better idea of how much thread I have left at my disposile. Turns out that was the bad idea. Even with careful unwinding, I still managed to get all my thread tangled up. How does this happen? Static cling. When I get to the end of the SewMate and have to refill it, I'm going to spend the rest of the day detangling the thread.

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