Thursday, October 28, 2010


Time to begin some holiday tatting. I don't mean Halloween. I was starting the Encapsulated Button Sunburst Motif by Karey Solomon, when I realized I didn't have any buttons in the size needed. Being the type of person to not let it deter me, I picked up my spaceship beads and tried substituting them. I made the pattern exactly as directed, so I can see where I would have to drop stitches to make this work with the beads on hand. Now this pattern has alot of Self Closing Mock Rings to it, and it can get a bit tricky to get the rings to close right. In that mess you can see where I snapped the thread by pulling on the wrong piece.
At least I have a better grasp on how to do this correctly. I'm tatting it in white and will dye the finished product, or not, depending on how it looks when it's finished. If it comes out nicely, it will be a gift. If it comes out ok then it goes on my tree.

Speaking of trees, Honey got a bit upset that I suggested getting the artificial tree out of the garage and setting it up. I know, Halloween isn't even here yet, but I really wanted somewhere to hang my little ornaments I'm going to be tatting up. I had one of those holders that can fit up to six balls on for decoration. Between the cats and my daughter, the display holder is no more. I have Mark Myers tatting book on Angels, that was given to me, and I want to do a bunch of them to hang in my window. At least the flat ones.

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