Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holiday itchings

I'm in the mood for some halloween tatting. Nothing dramatic, since I will most likely be home or sitting out long strides while our son trick-o-treats. I still can only walk roughly two blocks before I start huffing and puffing. So while I will paint my face, I will not be 'dressing up'. I found a nice mask at the store but I couldn't buy it because it didn't have a bar code and I didn't want to wait forever with the huge lines. Honey did snap a picture of it for me, so maybe in the future I may try to recreate it in tatting. This mask was made of foam, so it was really lightweight. We did get our son his ninja outfit though.

I got my hands on some more size 30 thread to dye. I have roughly 1200 yards of it. I promised myself no more greens/blues so now I'm thinking ahead on darker shades of reds maybe some purple mixed in for fun. I did want a small batch of brown for a gingerbread house I was going to make. I'll have to go back and see who the designer is on that one. But for the gingerbread house I have to get a ball of size 20, otherwise it'll be too small to see. I didn't want to be working in miniture on this, I want it to be big enough to sit on the mantel. I also want to make two of them, so I can gift one to my Grandmom-in-law, since she loves getting tatting stuff from me and I like getting knitted house shoes from her. *laughing*

For my Christmas projects I unloaded the Tatsy shuttles and reloaded them back up with most of one of the balls of size 30. Now the ball is 300 yards and each shuttle holds roughly 110 yards on it. It is of course in white, but seeing how Gina has posted a bit on dyeing finished tatting in batches, I thought I'd give that a try. Tat it in white, paint it to whatever color later.

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