Thursday, October 28, 2010

I can't sleep. Unfortunately my inability to sleep has led to me waking up our son, so now he can't sleep either. I feel bad because Honey has a very early appointment to get to tomorrow. What to do in the dark.....
I went looking for something to tat that wasn't too complicated. Also something that I could do by the light of the laptop. After much browsing I settled on Ruth Perry's Endless Tatting. Mainly because the title said exactly what I needed to help me fall asleep. And since I've spent time making this before, after a couple of starter crosses, I remember how to do it with just muscle memory. No need to refer to the pattern.

I was tempted to play my Pokemon game since it always makes me sleepy after twenty minutes of play, but I do have to make sure our son is asleep before I can fall asleep. Spongebob for him, and hopefully he'll sleep in the next half hour. Now all I need is something a bit less annoying for white noise and maybe we'll all be asleep before 1 A.M.

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