Monday, October 4, 2010

Let's see how this looks

I made some of the edging, just enough to go around a corner. I wanted to have an idea on how I would join these two together. Then I did one of the connecting wheels. The thread honestly looks more white when it's put up next to the black. Not what I was going for. Maybe I should leave this pattern one color. The wheel was pretty easy to do compared to the thinking ahead on the squares to keep them continuous. To add that particular edging I'm going to need a half motif to fill in the gap between the diamonds otherwise joining the edging is going to be a headache and not very secure.

Yes, I'm still procrastinating on the Tatted Shuttles motifs. Some of that had to do with the weather. Today however, is a perfect day, at least for me. It finally feels/looks like fall. I'm originally from the coast, and living in the valley can be stifling. Today was coastal weather day. Cloudy and cool, I think the temperature here is currently 66 degrees. It has given me a boost in energy. All I need is a good cup of tea and I'm all set. My mother is going to pick up my fair entries today, as the fair ended yesterday. Recap on that, I got 1 white/3rd place ribbon and 2 red/second place ribbons. No blue this year, but next year I will get one! I'm determined. That's part of the motivation behind the antimacassar, something large to stand up to the competition. Staring at the picture as I'm typing my post, I'm thinking of just doing in all in grey. I have enough. Then when I want to add to it, I can just go in rounds with the black, so black on the outside grey on the inside.

I have to go outside today. Honey just came in and asked if I wanted to go to Johns Incredible Pizza Company. Well, I do have a VIP card with them, and it is my birthday month so that means I get a free buffet. Yeah, I think I'll get ready and go have lunch there. ^_^   I know our son will enjoy himself and I'm in the mood for chicken nacho pizza...cravings gotta love them.

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