Saturday, October 23, 2010

Miscalculation on my end

I've started tatting with some size 10 black crochet thread. It's to be an edging for the baby blanket I'm crocheting. I hit a problem with the crochet project, mainly the availablity of bamboo thread locally. I'm disappointed with that so I'm going to tat for a bit and see what solution presents itself more appealing.

I'm playing with two different patterns to get a 'feel' for the finished edging. The first is a tried and true of Mary Konior, the Maids of Honour pattern. It's coming out really chunky right now. The second I haven't decided on. I'll probably do one side of the total length of the blanket with one corner to see which one feels right with the crochet.

The only reason I'm using black thread is because it's what I have the most of right now. At least in that size. After doing the sample edge, I'll probably purchase some white and dye it to the color I feel like making the blanket in.

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