Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rewind and repeat

Another day another doily. Yes, I'm on a doily binge right now. I just have to make them. It's like an impulse I cannot control. Like eating only one potato chip or M&M. This particular pattern was a UFO in the making 1 1/5 years ago when I started my blog. I was making it in green variegated but ran out of thread, and eventually went solid to finish. This was a gift for a coworker who had given me a very large bag full of thread she received from her mother. Most of it was size 10 crochet thread, and at that time I was working exclusively in size 80. I passed the thread along to my mother, who crochets, and kept two balls of the smallest thread size 30 Omega in red. I still have those balls and one day I will make something with them.
Anyways, this time I'm using the grey thread I dyed size 30. I began last night and managed to do the first four in the corner there. I was tatting outside, so I was mostly spacing out rather than tatting. Each little motif takes roughly thirty minutes to tat up because of the split chain I'm using to help move without cutting threads. The pattern is from Jan Stawasz and is in Robotki magazine. The initial pattern, the one above can be found in older magazines as well. the outer motifs and such are his own designs. I know this because I've come across this pattern at least half a dozen times in various tatting books I've downloaded from the Antique pattern library. Still it is a beautiful doily to make and I can hardly wait until this one is finished.

One of the reasons I've moved to doilys is because I'm starting to 'collect' stuff for the baby. Not really nesting, since most of the things we had gotten for our son can still be used. Rather a shifting awareness towards baby things. Technically I still have 3 months to go, er 2.5 months if you want to get nitty gritty about it.  This means I'm in my seventh month! Wow time really flies when you have distractions around. We still don't know the sex of the baby, but an ultrasound is schedule for after Thanksgiving, where we HOPE the baby will cooperate and let us see if it's a boy or a girl. My instincts say boy. Oh, I'm losing my train of thought, doilys...Okay doilys, to me, are starting to look like nothing more than smaller blankets for the baby. At least the square and rectangular ones. So there's my excuse for the fascination on them. Time to stop typing and go back to my shuttles.
Edit: Reposting because blogger cut out half of the post.

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