Thursday, October 14, 2010

A shift change

I am going to put my shuttles up for two weeks. I'm fraustrated with the time it takes me to finish one simple pattern. Okay, granted anything worth doing takes time, but I had to set the shuttles aside. So I began with a simple cleaning up of my glider chair. Which led to the discovery of 6, count them 6 crochet hooks. Taking off the cushions led to the discovery of two more and a black ball of what I would assume is size 5 pearl thread. The hooks are all the same size 10. A throwback of when I tatted exclusively in size 80 thread.

I got the bright idea to crochet, um, attempt to crochet again. This time instead of relying on my mom or mother-in-law for directions, I turn to and search there for videos. I found a good one that explained the basic stitches. I began using that ball of pearl, since I know I won't ever use it for tatting. Three feet of chain later, I undid it all. I couldn't see the stitches made well enough to continue. I grab a ball of Clark's size 30 in red. I started the chain and realized I didn't have enough of the thread to make anything. Do I give up? Nah, I grab a white ball of size 30 thread, with the idea of adding some of the red to it at some point. I currently have 2 feet of chain completed and even managed to get that first turn about to come out right. After watching a few more videos on stitches, I decide to keep it simple. A single and a double stitch will be all I will be using. I learned to make a scallop, but don't know how to add it without it bunching up. After looking at my current work, I realize why it is that people use YARN to crochet with. *giggles like a manic* While the size of the thread gives it a tighter, neater look, obviously it's going to take a lot longer to get things finished. And that kind of defeats the purpose of giving the shuttles a break.


  1. With size 30 thread, you'd probably be better off using a size 11 or 12 hook. For a size 10 hook, I'd go with size 10 or 20 thread at least. I might ever go with a size 6 or 7 hook if you have it. It's easier to learn if you can see it clearly.

  2. Thank you Gina for your help with the crochet hooks. I do have some size 20 thread so I'll give that a try and see how it goes. ^_^