Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stop and go

Third/fourth? Whatever day of working on this pattern. I misplaced a climb out and had to cut and start over. The reason..I started to hold the tatting folded over so it wouldn't be in my way as I continued to work on it. The problem, it turns out to be, is that I was miscounting how many of the squares I actually made per row. Oh well, live and learn, right? I did get that tangeled mess of thread wound up in a nice little ball. Looking at it made me think I'm going to have to dye some more thread to finish this project. I'm thinking of a nice light green or maybe a burgandy color. Or maybe some more red....

Whatever that color turns out to be, I'm going to have to dye it soon. I think this part of the pattern should be done by Wednsday. I want to alternate the new color with the grey so the transition of colors will be smoother. Wondering what the finish product should look like?
The combination of colors should be where the center of the mat branches out to meet where the many picoted squares are. Then I was thinking of doing that small banded area in all grey. Finishing off the final outer row with the second color. I'm not sure on how many yards of thread to dye. With the grey I did 200  yards and most of it has already been used up. I did do some smaller pieces with it, so it's not a fair comparision. Better to have too much than too little. ^_^

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