Friday, October 1, 2010

Today's tatting adventures started out pretty slow. I began by doing some free-form tatting on the zodiac symbols. Many cut and discarded trials later, I went back to looking through my books for some sort of inspiration. I found a few patterns that I'd like to go back and do later. Then I found a pattern in Orkis. I decided to merge the two basic insertions to make a simple motif out it, since they were the basic design minus one ring.
The middle motif is repeated with chaining on the sides as one pattern. The two edges are connected at the points minus the outer chain. The color of the thread is really a peach color. The flash on the camera is too strong and this was taken in natural light indoors. I am going to add the chaining, connecting the three motifs together. I thought to use the burgandy thread, for a bit of dramatic contrast. The peach is a size 80 antique ball of thread and of course the burgandy is size 70. This does sit nicely inside a clover shuttle with the side picots barely reaching the edges. I still don't have a measuring tape, so until Monday I'm guess-ta-mating the sizing here.
Green Knots pattern is about finished. I had to step away from that as my poor eyes and hands were starting to suffer. At the rate I'm currently going, these shuttles being made will not arrive on time for my birthday. But that's okay, they will eventually arrive.
I'm feeling a bit worn down so I'm going to take a nap.

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