Saturday, October 2, 2010

Toy accessories~ No tatting involved..yet

Now that I have that cute little printer, I was thinking where am I going to store all those little pictures I make. First I looked online for some 'make it yourself' mini albums/brag books. I found a few but not really what I had in mind. I wanted something portable and the pictures are 2x3, so they're a bit smaller than wallet sized. You cannot believe how hard it is to find a wallet just for pictures. I'm not willing to pay $20 plus for storage. So I jumped on ebay and than went to Amazon, then Overstock, then back to Amazon. I found this:

It will hold 24 of the 2x3 pictures and comes with a keychain. Not really an American Idol fan, but I thought for 60 cents I can do some sort of cover for it. Sears carries them too, although it ships from a third party, which turns out to be the same as Amazon. The difference is that at Sears they're twice the price of Amazon. But I have gifts cards to Sears and none to Amazon. Then I went toward checkout on both, comparing shipping and time frame for arrival. Wow, I can't believe how much shipping is for such a small item. At Amazon it was $5, at sears $6. What kind of packing are they putting on this thing to warrant that much on shipping costs? Just drop it in a small bubble wrap envelope and send it first class. $1.70 tops. Okay I'm on a penny pinching trip right now. Ordering 2 from Amazon would run me $13.25, ordering the same from Sears $9.68. Yeah I ordered from Sears. Okay going to play with the printer for a bit.

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