Saturday, October 2, 2010

 I went by the Dollar Store to get some pens and found these two packs of hankies. I got one with white embroidery and one with color. I wanted to try tatting something I haven't done before and edging a hanky definitely falls in that category. I got wonderful tips on attaching tatting and thought to give it a go.
 I have two patterns already in mind. The first one is of course you may recognize it, Mary Konior's Maid of  Honour pattern. I wanted to use the grey thread but after placing it on the hanky to check compatibility, I think I should use finer thread for this and a darker/more colorful color. In the second picture below I tried substituting the ball thread with the aqua I dyed and while I like the combination, I don't think it would turn out too good for this purpose. Time to go buy some more size 80 and dye that, or see what Handy Hands has to offer.

So then I thought of adding the edging to the antimacassar. If I do this, I'll have to also substitute the connecting motifs with the grey instead of the blue. I can't have my colors clashing now can I? No matter what, I still have to finish those motifs for the Tatted Shuttles. Why am I procrastinating on it?

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