Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is that I must be new

We went on a shopping spree yesterday. No not really a spree, but my brother has entered colledge and needed stuff for school. Along the way, I had them take me to JoAnn's Fabrics store and I picked up four skeins of the softest thread I thought to put my hands on. It's a bamboo/Microdenier Acrylic blend, the brand is called Spa. It did run a bit pricey, but since I have the intention of using my limited crochet skills to make  a simple blanket for the baby, I thought well why not? I also purchased the hook size it had posted on the package sleeve. I started on it yesterday in between boring runs from this store to that store, and I'm really suprised and happy on how fast this is coming along. I have two and a half feet of it started width wise.
This is a comparison on the new thread versus the size 30 I had at home. I was practicing the 'shell' stitch and while I think it is cute, it's very time consuming to do. That small strip of white thread is only 5 inches long!

I recieved in the mail yesterday a package from Heather with a skein of lovely HDT and her new resin 3 hole shuttles! Two days before the big B-day too! So forget the whole, 'I'm putting up my shuttles for two weeks' thing I was saying. I have to try these out. But that's a post for another day.

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