Friday, November 19, 2010

Crystal needles

I was cleaning up my thread mess on my nightstand. I found in a painful way, a thin needle with some of the transparent stretchy cord for making jewerly. I had used it to sew the necklace I made for my county fair down. Now it had a bit of cord on it but not enough to make it worthwhile to return it to the spool. Seeing how it was already on the needle, I did a simple generic flower motif. It came out all nice and sparkley, like a crystal. I'm not going to lie to anyone here. It was a bit of a pain because of the fact it IS stretchy. Closing the rings required me re-threading the needle several times as it kept coming out of the eye. I'm not even sure I needle tatted it correctly. But it looks close enough right? The picots I made kept getting sucked back into the ring. It didn't matter if it was small or large. When I did it larger it came out all floppy. So those who may want to experiment, make sure whatever you are making isn't picot dependant. For joining, it didn't matter, but for decorative picots..forget it. And let us not forget the fact that it curls up on itself. Perhaps if I weighed it down by adding more rows it may lay flat-ish.
But for this little experiment, it curled up around the tip of my finger. I don't even know if it's possible to starch this. Maybe if just regular glue was used it may work....Oh and on a side note, this will not work out well when loaded into a shuttle. You probably could do it, but it wasn't worth the headache. It was so much easier to needle tat it.


  1. What about adding beads to make it lay flat??

    interesting 'thread' concept. I might have to try it no matter the difficulty.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!