Sunday, November 14, 2010

I need some candy

The ornament I'm working on with 3 plys of purple rayon Gutermann thread..
It's the Peekaboo Shamrock/Butterfly pattern by Terry McGuffin. I have the Shamrock version but I suppose it's no big deal to switch out the shamrock with a butterfly. It floats freely so you can actually put any small motif you like in place of the shamrock. I don't have the clear tear-drop shaped ball for it so I'll just do the base and shorten the 'arms' to fit a regular ball. I'll also leave out the middle motif completely, or maybe I'll do another and use a balloon to shape then after it's dried out add that final 'floater motif' to it. I gotta say I'm not a fan of minogette (spelling?) net work. I made some picot gauges out of old credit cards when I began tatting but never use them now. I prefer to eyeball it. It makes it hard to keep the evenness of the netting without the gauges but I'm feeling a bit lazy and didn't feel like looking for them.

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