Friday, November 12, 2010

I woke up today in a very negative headspace. Actually, this is the second day like this. It's very counterproductive for my crafts. I suspect it has alot to do with the fact that sugar has been cut from my diet and my body is revolting the change. Like an addict. I was going over my glucose numbers for the past three days and they have been within normal acceptable range. I haven't changed too much, just cut out the sugar and added more veggies to my diet. When I spoke to the dietitian yesterday, going over these numbers, she questioned whether or not my diet really needed to be changed. She recommended eating more often and adding small 'snacks' in between so I'm basically eating every three hours.

After that visit I stopped by JoAnns Fabrics to pick up some more skeins of bamboo thread and a couple of Gutermann spools. I already misplaced one of them. I did happened to find the purple rayon one. It's embroidery thread, so I triple plied it before winding some onto my shuttles. I also picked up some silver glass ornaments to tat over. These are 57 MM or in my eyes, medium sized. Now I just have to settle on a few patterns to cover these with and start tatting.

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