Monday, November 15, 2010

Mommy gifts

In today's mail was my final self-indulgance for the year. It's an instant polaroid type camera. The pictures come out credit card sized which is why I bought it. That and the fact I don't have to carry around an adapter like I have to with my mini printer. I took it for a test run and Honey was all "Wow that's a really big camera." Of course it's big compared to our digital camera..duh. It uses real film in it, not a memory card. Men... sometimes make me want to shake them.

Here it is in my hand with a picture. I didn't need the flash but was playing with the settings. It's one fun little toy for me. After playing with the camera I got back down to business..I went through my files and found a few more patterns to make as gifts. Now I have no excuses for not tatting. I did forget however to pick up the brown dye for the gingerbread house. There's always next week. I did decide that for the variety of snowflakes, I'd just tat them up in white and if I felt it needs it, I'll dye the complete motifs in 'wintery colors'.