Thursday, November 4, 2010

OH my aching heart...

I was in another Blah mode... I spent an entire day winding the smaller balls of threads unto the EZ-bobs. I wanted to tat something small and have it finished quickly so I went through a folder I hadn't looked into in six months. I chose the Scallop Shell Heart by Tat's Amore. I was about to work on one of the outer sections when the 'Blah' hit me again. Looking at it made me realize that I've let my split chain skills get sloppy. There's a bit too much space on one of the chains. Other than that, the tension seems to be running good. I haven't tatted really, for about a week. I've been working on the crochet and I felt it was time to pick my shuttles back up.  That larger project is being set aside for the weekends for now. Okay back to why I picked this I was crocheting, the blanket had scalloped shells on the ends. It had me thinking of substituting the regular crochet with some tatting. I thought to make about a dozen of these hearts and see how I could postion them and then how I would connect them all together. I do want the hearts to stand out by themselves, not be lost in the 'work'. I suppose I'll have to finish the dozen before I can think of ideas to connect them.

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