Monday, November 8, 2010

Show me your Booty..

A bit of a rant before we get down to the nitty-gritty. Why do they ask you to report pain if they aren't going to take it seriously? I've had this lingering pain in my lower back for a few days. Every literature I read tells me to make sure I mention it to my doctor, as it may be a sign of something potentially serious. Well, I mentioned it and he tells me it's nothing to worry about. I think he may be nearing being overworked. I spoke with the hotline nurse and she chastised me for not mentioning it to my doctor today. I told her I did mention it and he didn't feel it was worth much, apparently not even worth a notation in my chart. She advised me to keep a record of how often, exactly where, and how much it hurts to bring with me to my next appointment. Oh and those lovely words all pregnant people just love to hear...When in doubt, go to the ER. *rolls eyes* Oh and to not forget to keep a record of my sugar readings...another 'what?' moment here. Apparently I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and not informed or given my prescription for the 'kit' to monitor myself. I seriously think my doc needs a vacation, his mind is starting to slip. Okay, rant over...

I bought a ruler to measure things with, but it was plastic and my son is destructive. It didn't even make it in the house before the ruler was no more. I seriously need to buy a seamstress measuring tape. The pattern I am using is just a graph, normally this is not an issue for me but it is giving a bit of a headache making this. I joined wrong, and I know this, but I can't figure out how or where. There's supposed to be one more outer row, but I don't think this would fit any baby's foot I've ever encountered. I suppose I can make a couple dozen and use them as a novelty take home for the 'Greet the baby' shower. Maybe put some tulle and candy in it. I could also just use size 10 thread and see how that turns out. Or perhaps I should just find another booty pattern that is easier to read and give my shuttles a run on that.


  1. I'm sorry that I've not commented before but I really feel compelled to today. I think you're right about your doctor, either overworked or careless but this is you and your baby you're talking about. Maybe you should consider changing doctors. To be diagnosed with the gestational diabetes and not be given the tools smacks of negligence.
    So two cents from a stranger who is concerned for you...

  2. sounds like you need a new doctor... You know WE pay the bill when we go to see them...WE are the CLIENT in a sense always remember that...THEY are providing US a service! You have a right to a second opinion and to get treatment to your satisfaction!

  3. I have to agree with Michelle and TattingChic. Doctors (and MDs especially) tend towards being workaholics and often don't realise they are burning out. That's a very serious mistake that you need to call him on. You are doing him a favor by calling him on it and if he doesn't seem concerned about the lasp then look for a new MD. This is a red flag behaviour from a doctor.

  4. Thank you ladies for your concern. My husband insisted we go back and be seen today and we were. I was given the kit there in the office and shown how to use it. I gotta say I was scared to take that tiny blood sample at first. For some reason, the smaller hurts end up hurting most.