Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. My day 'officially' begins at 11 A.M. with us traveling to 3different family homes. That's an hour from now and I'm still in bed with my new toe socks and my son snuggled up next to me. ^_^

Yesterday's ultrasound was disapointing on several levels for me. One, although technically they can't say, the lady doing the ultrasound said to mentally prepare for a C-Section delievery. She had a hard time locating the placenta to get confirmation of movement, and that means that it basically hasn't moved. The other is we could not determine the sex of the baby. It's just too big at this point and the bones, she said, are too dense to be able to see around. The baby was laying 'face down' so I got a real nice shot of it's behind and back, but not much else. No pictures to bring home either. I asked about a 3D ultrasound, and she switched the machine to 3D but even those where dissapointing. She asked why I didn't get the 20 week anatomy ultrasound, that at that point they could have told me what I was having and I would have had a number of beautiful shots to add to the baby book. I just had to shrug my shoulders because I honestly didn't know why I wasn't given that ultrasound. She was upset on my behalf, not for the same reasons. I have to be extremely grateful that although the baby is measuring a bit big, everything appears to be ok. The patient before wasn't so lucky, her midwife didn't schedule that anatomy exam and now it's too late to be able to do much. Her baby will need some surgery to 'fix' some problems that could have easily been taken care of if she had got that exam. The tech didn't get into too much detail, she was basically ranting and I figured out the rest. But she did have me thinking that I did switch from using a midwife to my regular OB/GYN doc around that time frame I should have had the anatomy scan. So while I didn't get what I 'wanted', I got peace of mind that this child appears to be okay. I am so thankful for that.

Tatting will be put on hold until tomorrow. I am not going out into the crazyiness that is Black Friday. I'm not even marginally tempted. Until recently, I worked retail and this is the first Black Friday I've had off in almost 2 decades. I'm am so going to enjoy relaxing at home this year.

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  1. Happy thanksgiving to you.
    Wishing you and your baby all the luck in the world.
    Keep smiling and enjoy your friday.