Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thread guides

Has anyone ever used one? It was mentioned on one of the tatting forums I visit a long time ago. It wasn't easy it find it online. Especially since I didn't know what the name for this little contraption was. I finally found it in the knitting section of an online yarn shop. Let's just say I didn't spend my days wisely..lol..
Now for all of us tatters out there, wouldn't this be considered a necessity? How many of us have thread groove syndrome on our fingers from tatting? Thread burn? I know I've had to stop tatting for days to let my poor finger recover from the abuse. Ah, the sacrifices for our love of the craft.
Okay now that I have a name for the mystery tool, I can see if it's available here locally. Most likely not, but now I have the manufacture name and the tool name so I can order it online.

1 comment:

  1. I have been using them for years! For me are like another tool for tatting. I tat to fast that threads burn my finger all the time. They really relief the thread burns. I cut the "cover" for easier use. Mines have "burns" from the threads!

    I got mine locally but Annie's Attic have them.