Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In the spirit of...

A few posts back, I talked about tatting with stretchy cord because I was bored. Now I want to do it on purpose. Ah, if only my daughter would stay out of my toolbox. She snagged the whole roll of it. I can either go to the store or find something else to do. I'll probably end up at the store. Honey is playing his video game, Bayonetta on the xbox, so I know he isn't going to want to play taxi right now. Did I mention I'm not allowed behind the wheel?

I started a bracelet but don't have enough thread for an adult sized wrist. Why is it that when I have thread galore I can't find anything worth making? Yet when I settle on a project, I never seem to have enough to complete it. I think I'll give Honey ten more minutes then convince him to take me. I really hope the giftees appreciate the gifts I'm sending their way.

I need some tea.

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