Thursday, December 16, 2010

My fingers are rambling

I can't sleep. It's currently 2:30 in the morning and for the past week I've been waking up between now and 4 A.M. and can't for the life of me go back to bed. To say I'm feeling sleep deprived is an understatement. I had a bit of an 'episode' and just couldn't be around my son. I had my mom take him, he's just too hyper for me right now. Worse when Honey's at work, for some reason he tends to 'tone it down' when daddy's home but let's it all hang out when daddy leaves. Boys...
I have a few appointments this week for the baby. One of them being YET another ultrasound. I guess my doc's really hoping to not have to do the C-section. It's pretty obvious that it's not going to be avoidable.  That and baby seems to be slowing down a bit lately. My instincts tell me I have roughly a week and this baby will be here. No proof, just a feeling, been antsy and fraustrated plus the baby has 'dropped'. AH, the quickening..I think that's what they call it.

Besides finishing the tatting for my Santa exchange, I haven't made anything else. Which is so not like me. I always carry a pair of shuttles with a UFO attached that I 'work' on when I'm bored. I split some more rayon thread and load up a pair of shuttles. I think I'll make a pair of bracelets. Or maybe rework a really OLD necklace pattern I made for my daughter when I first learned to shuttle tat. Perhaps not, I don't have the biconal beads for that, er, enough biconal beads would be more accurate. That particular necklace took about 80 beads. Too bad the necklace is no more. Lost to the passage of time and a rambuncious girl.

The tree is finally all decorated, the window treatments up, but I'm not really feeling the Holiday spirit. Even the weather finally looks like winter instead of early fall. Yesterday we went to one of Honey's work parties, and while I did have to take it easy and stay seated most of the time, I enjoyed myself. I love to see people dance crazy. One of Honey's coworkers made him feel bad for bring me. It was said I " Looked completely worn out and tired and should have stayed home and rested instead. " Wow, how rude was that? So I didn't go to tonight's party at his other job. Honey didn't stay long, saying he rather be home with us.

Okay the novel stops here, I'm going to try and tat something. Turn on netflix so I'm not tempted to jump to my 'baby drama boards' and actually get something crafty

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