Monday, December 13, 2010


I thought I'd be a bit more creative and decided to make my own book with the Japanese style of binding. I mean they make it look sooooo easy on YouTube. Two hours and a sore thumb with a very large blister later..
I was using medium weight card stock. Maybe that was the issue. I gave up on making the cover for now. I was thinking of sketching the graph version of patterns from the antique library onto this and making it a sort of scrapbook of tatting. I know, I know, it's a project I've said I'd do before, but this is my new year's tatting resolution. Plus, I need to clean up room on my externals and I'm tired of having DVD's full of digital copies. Sometimes you just want to pick up a book and move on..

 Here we have a slightly clearer picture of that 3D snowflake that was taken by the kitties.

 This is one of the finished ornaments that was awaiting the blocking and snipping of finishing threads. I used black beads because the name of the satin thread was Black Mulberry. I added the jump bead on top so either a ribbon or one of those ornament hanging thingys can be used for display.
And lastly, the Burda snowflake. Round one anyways. Ends need to be taken care of as well. I decided to go back and fray the long picots instead of fighting with hiding/weaving. I probably should have left at least one long one to be used to hang off the tree.  It's all sparkley and eye catching. Too sparkley for my camera to catch, with the flash it reflexs too much, without the flash this is the best I can get. Sadly, the cute boxes I got for the Santa exchange people wouldn't fit in the largest box they had available at my post office. Unless I was willing to send it in like a T.V. box. It was a bit odd shaped which was the whole point to the box.. I hate it when Honey does that to family..You know, put a box in another box, ectera ecetra and in the end you have a gift card as a gift instead of the 19 inch T.V. you thought was coming. Okay that was my birthday gift example..*giggles*

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  1. Those are really nice!!

    Sorry about the blister - I hate when that happens, but I'm sure it will be worth it when you're finished!

    I have a love/hate relationship with metallic thread. I love it in that it shines and sparkles and holds its shape excellently, but I hate it in that it does nearly cut the hands when working with it and single strand tends to break (or unwind).

    Ah well, my love of the thread outweighs the hate so therefore I will continue to use it, looking past its faults.