Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It seems this is going to be a long drawn out labor. I began to dialate yesterday, and now progress has stopped. My back is going through 'sessions' or waves of pain that catch me unexpected. So as to not take any chances, I'm spending my time on my hiney They said it was 'false' labor because it has stopped more or less. The pain doesn't feel false at all, it hurts, but they labeled it false and sent me home. I really don't want to experience anymore back pains thank you very much. I have no problem with regular pain and contractions, but since this is my first time experiencing any type of back labor, I'll pass. Kind of figures it would be a complicated ending to a complicated pregnancy for this one. She's such a drama queen and hasn't even been born. *slow giggles*  And to add to my holiday whinning..My son yanked my laptop off me a few days ago and it seems the damage done is that the power connectors to the charger no longer touch correctly. I have to wiggle and waggle the cord to get the darn thing to even charge. This fortunately is not as big as a problem as it appears, I have a friend from work who showed me how to fix it. It does however require some finess from my fingers and a bit of concentration, both lacking right now. Why don't they make external laptop chargers like they do for cellphones and cameras? That way when one battery dies, just pop it into the charger and use the back up while it recharges? Hmmmm..maybe they do, let's go google it!


  1. Sorry to hear of your pain, I hope all goes well with baby.

    At least the damage to the laptop wasn't anymore serious than what you described

  2. Have they told you whether the baby is facing the right direction? Back labor sometimes indicates that baby's back is not facing outward like it should....she might be trying to come out "sunny side up". The best thing you can do is sitting with your belly out and forward, instead of lounging back....spending some time on all fours is great too, let gravity encourage that little girl to get lined up properly to come out easier!

  3. Thank you ladies for thinking of me. Krystal I'm not sure on her positioning, while with the docs it never occured to me to ask. I've tried 'resting' on all fours and that has helped, as long as we can keep our son from thinking mommy's a pony!