Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pictures! We want more pictures!

Here's a sneak peak on the remaking of the ornaments. This one I'm remaking with satin thread because at this point of the picture I realized you could run a ribbon through it and wear it as a pendant. This is from a Japanese book. I'm just following the diagram since I can't read Japanese. I'm adding beading to give a more feastive blingy look. The original had no beading.
This one is a burda pattern being worked with metallic thread in 2 plys. I have to stop because the thread was cutting into my hand. I actually used the gauge to measure the long picots but didn't take into account the sizing of thread so the picots are just a little bit too long. No problem since they can be weaved into the top motif.

And finally we have a Tatbit pattern from a decade ago. I just wanted to play with some beads. This isn't really meant to be sent to anyone in particular. It's so pretty that I decided to send it along. The beads are added after the tatting was done. It took a bit of fandangling to get the beading to sit right. It unfortunately shows in the back but it's like a square weave. I'm not sure if it's okay to send as a gift because of that. The thread was some of the blue/green thread I dyed earlier in the year.

Two more ornaments to go for my Santa packages. Maybe a pair of angels...hmmmmm...

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