Saturday, December 4, 2010


I'm back home now. No more skipping meals, I promise..
The sucky plumbing is acting up. We know the culprit. Two mulberry trees in the backyard. The roots have invaded the piping. A very expensive fix. Even clearing just the roots, (a temporary fix) is going to cut deeply and severly into my holiday funding. When we bought this house the people selling it must have just had that done, because it didn't show up in the report. We've already had 2 walnut trees pulled and now it seems that these two last trees have to go as well. It's sad because they give off so much shade in the summer. If we want plants we're going to have to make a raised garden to keep roots from invading.

I never got my shuttles brought to me, so I did nothing but sleep and stare numbly at the t.v. they had or at the wall. It was very boring. Very boring. I have a follow up on Monday and by then I should have the final say on whether I will be getting that C-section delivery afterall or not. If I do, I'll be leaving the office with the time/date in hand so I can make arrangements for my son and such.

I'm having a bit of difficulty with my tatting right now. Besides the usual of 'what should I make?' that usually plauges me, but keeping focused long enough to finish anything. Partially the sugar issue, partially having a hard time focusing. The feel of the shuttle is comforting in my hands but I'm too tired to follow through with the execution of the knots. Maybe in a couple of days I'll get out of this rut.


  1. I hope you feel the joy of tatting again soon. It's a terrible feeling to be in a tatting funk. Do you have a favorite pattern that you don't have to think about? I always turn to an old favorite during slumps, and it really does seem to help!

    I'm hoping you come home from your doctor visit with some good news!

  2. So sorry you're feeling the glum. Can't wait til you're back on your feet again, and tatting up a storm.

    Keep us posted on baby !