Saturday, December 18, 2010

Three days of doc appointments back to back leaves us with good news. I will not have to have a C-section! But the better news is that we know what we are having....a girl! 0.o  Honey was and wasn't suprised. He said he knew it had to be a girl because of all the problems we were having. *rolls eyes* I'm slowing starting to dialate so they think I'll be having her next week. Isn't next week the week of the full moon? I'm trying to remember what comedy it was that made a joke about knowing it was a full moon because babies were dropping(being born) like

At the request of my daughter, I've decided to do some tatted jewelry. I'm even going to break away from the glass beads and work with my limited supply of crystals! She wants one of Tatbit's Blossoms Bracelet, and a few pairs of earings. Since she's been good and fetching me an endless amount of tea and keeping the house clean, more or less, her wish is my command. It's so hard to get a teenage girl to listen, so I'm very grateful she's decided to help rather than give me more headaches.

My Gmom-in-law wants a pair of doily/coasters for her table. I would hate to disappoint, but I don't think I have it in me to get it done before Xmas...Now that we know the sex, we're kind of pre-occupied with shopping for the next addition.

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