Saturday, December 11, 2010

Time is not my favorite

I started packing up the Secret Santa packages to get them out today. What I find is that the tatting I did for them has been absconded! The son and kitties. The larger Maine Coon cat has the 3D snowflake and would not give it up. The bracelet I just finished last night, was half chewed by my son. The ornaments that I decorated are now broken. I know, I should have used plastic balls, but the glass ones were so shiny that I couldn't help myself. Not to mention that a good amount of ornaments off our own tree are now MIA...sigh.

Such destruction is such a limited amount of time.. How does this happen?
I make a trip to Micheals Crafts and pick up some metallic DMC thread in the colors my recipient's both like. I'm now on a tatting spree to get at least 2 ornaments for each one finished by tomorrow night so they can be sent out with Monday's mail. I don't want to delay the shipping anymore because I'm afraid they won't arrive on time.

The worst part of it all (I know like how much more dramatic can I get) is that I'm having health issues. I go from normal to can't catch my breath to can't breathe at all during random moments. Not to mention my heart starts racing and skipping as well and I break into sweats. The breathing could be the fact the baby has no more room so is kicking up on my diaphram but the racing heartbeat is something new. I have an appointment to see the Doc this Monday because of it, not to mention every Monday since I'm expected to be due the last week of this month. We have yet another ultrasound for the following Monday, and chances are the C-section the week after that. Phew, this is a busy month....

Tatting pictures in next post...I promise.. *wink, wink*

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  1. I hope all calms down for you and that you get to enjoy the holiday.