Friday, January 28, 2011

Late night butterfies

Last night, in between feedings, I began tatting one side of Tatbit's aka Terry's Blossom Bracelet. On the last one I made, I substituted the crochet center with her 'Stacked Flower' pattern. Well, now having mastered (sort of) the basics of crochet, I'm going to try and make that crochet flower. It's being made with 2 strands of the deep purple rayon embroidery thread. I also added beads where pictured in the directions. For the crochet flower I plan on using the magenta/violet purple just to have a contrast in objects. Also because I got ahead of myself, and now I don't know how or where to join to the finished rose center.
No pictures of it right now, the battery needed charging before I can take any more pictures, but I'll try and update it in the next 2 days.

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