Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The midnight bells are ringing

I have the 'graveyard' shifts with our daughter. In between her 1.5-3 hour feedings, I have time to do a little bit of threadwork. I do mean a little bit. It's hard to tat or crochet with her in my arms, and she must be held or she won't sleep for more than ten minutes. I did manage to do a pattern from Jane, this is of one of her 3d bells in a magenta -ish/ violet rayon embroidery thread. This is with 2 plys of it.
 I had to use the Thread Heaven conditioner alot with this thread. It tends to unravel and fray rather easily. I of course, had to forego any beading (it was hard enough to just get it tatted..lol) but I still think it looks rather nice. For the clank..shaft..er, whatever it's called, I just did about ten half rings with a slightly larger ring at the end. Since I'm not going to bead it I should just keep it completely unbeaded right? Does that make sense?
I still have a pair of shuttles with a bit of this thread on it and I plan to use it up tonight. I'll give Terry's Blossom Bracelet a shot. I also have a darker purple that I'll use for the flowers on it, or maybe for the butterflies..okay, I'm going to make 2 of them and switch the colors..lol.. I did get alot more crochet done than tatting, but since that has it's own bloggy area, I'll update that area tomorrow.

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