Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The plan will be...

The induction will be tonight at 7pm. I'm relieved to finally having been given a 'finale' to this pregnancy. Kind of figures the 'girls' will be my problem offspring. My first daughter was 2 weeks late, and I was a couple of hours away from being induced when I finally went into labor with her. But labor with her was under 6 hours, here's hoping for a quick labor with this one as well...

I have reloaded my Tatsy shuttles with more white thread and I have a pair of SewMates loaded with size 80 thread I recieved in one of my Santa packages. I'll go into details on those two lovely packages in another post. I just wanted to have two different thread options with me since I don't know how long the labor will last, so I may as well have something to do while I wait. I was going to print out two different patterns to work on as well on some 5X7 index cards, but of course can't decided on what to do. I suppose for the tatsy threaded I'll work on some magnolias since the pattern is so beautiful in it's simplicity and after about one or two I can tat from memory on those. It's okay if it's all in white, I can always go back and 'paint' the center a different color. For the smaller thread...I'll just see what muscle memory decides to create.

Four hours to go before the scheduled lift-off and there are so many details to finish out. Like packing our son's overnight bag and trying to catch him to give him a quick bath before we set out. It's all fun and games for him, running around acting like he's being murdered, but as soon as he actually gets into the water, he turns into a duck and doesn't want to get out. We also have to get the new baby's car seat installed, but that's a project for Honey to worry about. Yes, we procrastinated on EVERYTHING with this pregnancy, it just didn't seem to be that big of a deal at the time. Oh gotta remember to charge up my IPOD because I just know my well-meaning mother-in-law will show up at some point and irritate the hell out of me. Not her fault, I just tend to turn super impatient when I'm in pain and there's no such thing as having a baby without pain.

Time to read up on everyone else on bloggerland than off to start the evening...
EDIT: oops, just got the call to head in to the hospital much for


  1. Good Luck! Hope labor is quick and easy and both you and the baby are healthy and happy!

  2. Thinking of you!!

    Can't wait to hear an update!!!