Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowflake twisted

This is a Ruth Perry pattern. It is of course, still in the first round stage. I stopped here because I realized I did those tiny climb out rings wrong. The pattern version I have has typos in it, for example it says those little rings are 12-2-2-12 where clearly they are 2-2-2-2 and so on. I pretty much ignored the typed out text and just looked at the pictures since they are large and clear to 'count' the stitches needed. I'm using 2 strands of variegated embroidery thread, but not liking the facts that it frays almost as bad as the rayon and I'm just not feeling the sizing it's turning out to be.
I plan on doing some thread dyeing in the weeks to come. I'm still on leave from work until the end of February and I want to get alot of my tatting 'to-do's' done before I go back to work. One of the things on my list is to add to my color collection of threads. But I'm also leaning towards the larger of the thread spectrum. Even though I find it a bit of a hassle to work with them, I find the larger finished pieces more appealing right now. Every year we set a small 'bonus' from our tax refunds for us to spend on whatever frivolous thing our hearts could want. I usually spend my cut on shuttles and such. This year I think I'll see about getting a cone of Lizabeth thread to dye. Afterall I do have a good size collection of shuttles already (okay okay, you can never have too many shuttles) so I'm only adding a couple of pair of SewMates and another set of Tatsy's to the collection.

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