Monday, January 17, 2011

Tatting again

This is the only tatting I managed to work on while waiting for Katalina to decide to come along..

Actually I did 3 of them and gave 2 away to the RN's that were attending me. One of them actually recognized tatting for what it was and asked permission to play 'show and tell' with the other nurses there. Apparently there was a lady or two who was trying to learn how to do it and wasn't sure on how the stitches are supposed to lay. I left my email and blogger info with her so she can find other tatters so she doesn't feel so isolated.  The pattern is the Magnolia from I plan on making more of them for my Valentine's giveaways for work I think I'm going to try making them with some size 10 thread so they're bigger and easier to see. Maybe attach a heart or two or something along those lines. Since there is so much change in my department, crew membership went from 25 to 15ish, it should make it easier to get these done. Especially since lil' Kat there likes to sleep alot during the day.


  1. Congratulation Katalina is a beautiful model for your lovely tatting.

  2. Talk about "delivering" tatting to the obstetrical staff! What a hoot!
    Your baby is so cute...
    Fox : )