Monday, January 10, 2011

Today's doc visit has my induction scheduled for this Wednesday. What time, I do not know could be midnight could be 2 P.M., could be 11:30 at night. I would so not like to be a doctor to be on call at all hours. I love sleeping, I would be very sad to have to give it up like that. He didn't bother to check my dilation progress since the contractions are still very sporadic. So we go to drop off Honey's prescription (he's sick btw) and POW! five very painful contractions in a row that have me crouched down and cringing in the T.V. dinner isle at Walmart. Then....nothing for next four hours. So I took a nap, now we have yet more slightly less painful sporadic contractions but not enough to justify wasting either my nor the Labor and Delivery people's time. So let's move on.....

Here is the only tatting that I really worked on these past couple of weeks. It is one of Jon's free edging patterns. Little crowns for the little princess. The crochet edging is a simple single chain because I haven't moved past the simplest of stitches there. It's okay, tatting is my heart and wouldn't want anything else to distract me for too long from it. At least not in the fiber world. The thread being used is size 30. I think the purpose was to see how the bamboo crochet size 10 and the 30 tatted, looked together. I also think I meant to 'fill in' the edging with a double crochet stitch. I have it all joined together into a rectangle that needs to be filled in.
I still have presents under my tree that haven't been opened. Two of them are my Santa exchange packages from Intatters. I figure at this point, I may as well wait until I come home from having this baby to open them.  ^_^
And yes, my tree is still up. Our son seems to find it calming so anything to distract that hyper ball of movement and give us some rest, stays. At least for another week. I do have one other crochet project that has my attention, and since it's currently 1/3 finished, I may as well keep on that before it becomes a UFO. Then I plan on doing my Valentines tatting...hearts and florals for all my lovlies at work and such. I would hate to dissapoint them especially since they have been so caring and giving to my family since this whole pregnancy drama started. My second family, gotta love them.

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  1. That's so pretty!

    Keeping you in my thoughts for your delivery and hope all goes well!!