Saturday, February 26, 2011

Butterfies and the zoo

Here I've changed the color of the butterflies in this round to make them easier to make out. I like it even though it has the dreaded 'many ends to hide'. Still the beauty of the fan will make it all worth it. I did this portion on the way to the Fresno zoo. I woke up Honey and told him he was being kidnapped and to be ready to go in a few minutes. Literally. Since anyone who has children knows, you are never ready to go in ' a few minutes'. It takes at least half and hour just to get the car packed and the kids counted. Even if it's only 3. LOL... This was taken at the elephant observation deck. My son didn't care for them, he liked the bright flamingos better. Actually I think he just prefered to be free running up the little hills and climbing the stairs. He's such a ball of energy. I gave his older sister the task of keeping up with him. At first he was scared when the goats approached them, but brave sister got him over it by brushing the animals and soon he wanted to do it too. All in all, we had a great time. Sometimes the best trips are the one left unplanned. I kept trying to plan this day for 2 weeks and everytime something 'came up'. I actually enjoyed the drive the best. It's very relaxing and the vibration of the car puts me in a zone that lets me focus a bit better. The trip is what I like, the destination doesn't really matter too much to me.


  1. I've always loved road trips with my family. The "getting there" has sometimes been more fun than the destination. Over the years we've had some terrific conversations, read some great books, sung lots of songs, played some great games. It is much harder to get together for these things once they are all grown up.

  2. That should be a really nice fan! :)