Monday, February 7, 2011

Hearts and Flowers

Here I switched back to the older style blog editor and I can finally do a post! As far as tatting goes, I have just started doing some with the size 10 thread. Since my color choices are seriously limited with this size thread, I decided to do a magnolia. Instead of white petals, I'm going to use the black. Well, it's either that or green.
I know it looks a bit washed out but the pink is rather bright, not pale like it shows here. I also tried doing another older pattern that was on my external, it's a heart but I don't have the designer info. Only the graphic pattern instructions were saved, so if anyone recognizes it please let me know so I can credit the designer. It's on the first round. There's only 2 to it. I made the mistake of not keeping track of my progression and skipped a couple of rings. This pattern is pretty straightfoward to do, so I'm suprised this happened. Here's the final heart.


  1. This looks like "Old Fashioned Heart" by Etha Schuette, nicknamed Maus. My copy is from a website that no longer exists and the Wayback Machine can't find it. Is there an url on your copy that you could try on the Wayback? I just wondered if your copy came from a different site since mine doesn't have graphic pattern instructions.

  2. I have no info or url. It's just the graphs with the stitches marked in a random folder. I'll have to google Maus to see if there's any connection, thanks for the lead.

  3. I think it's Maus's too but that website no longer exists. (the RR site) I tried a quick check on Georgia's site but she just has links to the old sites that are gone.