Thursday, February 10, 2011

Honey's big day

See that big button over there on the right? Yup, it refrences back to the contest post. I got a little carried away with it, I admit, I've tried to shrink it but it didn't look right any smaller. That kitten is our lovely Kilala (key-la-la) who unfortunately is no longer with us. She was my Honey's cat, and today's his birthday! I thought I'd be nice and let him sleep in today and I promised myself not to say anything if he would rather play video games all day instead of going out for his birthday. So how old is he? .....25, yup that make me a *cough* Cougar *cough*.. It's become somewhat of a tradition that no matter what is going on in our lives, we will always have cake and pizza (unless the birthday person rather have something besides pizza) to acknowledge the day. Sometimes times are lean when birthday's come around, sometimes they aren't. He hinted he wanted to go to Las Vegas for his big day. But he has to work it and the funds for the trip aren't available until tomorrow (stupid bank). There's always the weekend..which happens to be our son's 3rd birthday on Saturday. Yeah, I joked to him the year our boy was born that I gave him a son for his be-lated birthday. ^_^

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