Saturday, February 5, 2011

I still can't post except through my phone. *sigh* well no use in feeling sorry for myself lets move on to more interesting things...the first up is a remaking of an ornament/pendant. I'm using 2 plys of black mulberry rayon thread along with clear swarvosky crystals. Gotta have that sparkley! Next up is something that I'm making up as I go. Originally started out by emptying a shuttle, then inspired by a goose eggs tatted cover, here we have the mid~point of a ornament. The hanging hearts are single shuttle split ring by Gina Butler, sorry I cant add linkage but you can probably google it and find it easily enough or head over to the online tatting class website, I think that's whete I found the pattern. Now we have this: An oldie but goody from Jan...with the current crochet progress on my daughters bamboo blankie in the background. How big is it? Yup its draped across my toshiba satellite which is no small Lastly the blossom bracelet or at least half of it. I'm still trying to crochet that rose for the center but I have yet to figure out how to decode all the crochet terminology. Never give up though! Okay that's it for today, its my bedtime and if I don't sleep now I won't get the chance again until tomorrow. Kids gotta love them....

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