Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nylon playthings

I tatted up another little 'starter' project with the Omega thread. This time I did use the Fray Check on it but after I hid the ends. I left the 'tails' of the thread out, dabbed some on it, waited for it to dry, then using fingernail clippers, I cut off the excess. The package says it can darken the thread but I didn't have that issue on the Omega. I also found out on the mask, that you can't just leave the threads sewn in. They can and will come out somehow and the ring will come loose. It happened to two of the motifs and I'm having a bit of a headache finger tatting them again. I should have just taken that advice and used the glue in the first place. I was being stubborn and just didn't want to have to use glue on my projects. Well, with this thread, you have no choice.
I've started tatting up the white butterflies on the Fantasia fan for the giveaway. I'm moving slowly on this because I want to enjoy the piece being made in portions. I want to feel the awe I did when I first began and the satisfaction you get when you finish one row. Then you take a moment and think.."Wow, I made this and it's beautiful." Ahh, the allure of lace.

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