Friday, February 18, 2011


How many of us find ourselves awake at an insane hour of the morning? Now I have my excuse, a new baby who's just now starting to sleep for 3 hours at a time. Some of us have to be up to go to work. Then there are those who are simply awake before dawn. My older generations friends tell me that you just need less sleep as you age. One joked that he had gotten on so many years that he was afraid of missing something by sleeping, and only slept for 5 hour max everyday, sometimes he only needs 3! It makes me wonder why I spend so much of my day sleeping, okay, it's only the normal 8 hours they recommend you get, but mine is broken up for a few hours at a time throughout the day. So I began using some of this time to crochet. That lost it's appeal as crochet unravels if you don't pay attention, and with the constant picking up and laying down, I never really made any headway with it. Then I switched to tatting. Unfortunately I do not have enough light to work with. I'm hesitant to turn them on since my husband is sleeping and the lights disturb him. Then I started updating my blog. What's the problem with this? Well, as the day goes on and read up on other's blogs, I realized there's more I want to type down. I hate doing multi-posts in the same day (although I have done them) because it seems like I have nothing else to do with myself than to be online..blogging. Today I had planned for us to take a trip up north to the Fresno Zoo. Honey would rather head south to the L.A. zoo or rather Universal Studios. His reasoning is that it's the same price but down south we have more options of other things to do if we get bored. I think he just wants to head to an amusement park. Last year our vacation was to Disneyland, and the kiddos and Honey were expecting something along the same lines. I want something more educational than thriller this year. The compromise would be to head south, but I have the feeling that once we cross over those mountains, my plans would be forgotten and the conspirators would have their way. Since I'm driving to the destination, I said north, but now they want to wait until Saturday to head out. I think it's so Honey can get enough sleep to drive and be in control of where we In any case, we'll see where the day takes us since there's rain predicted for up north but only a chance of it raining down south.

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  1. I hear ya on the posting!

    Have you thought about typing it out in notepad, or MS word... save as you go.. then when you're ready to post all you have to do is copy and paste - voila!

    1 post, with everything you want to say!

    Rooting for your plans to work out! *wink